Since 1996 I have been researching my family history and have obtained extensive information about my great grandfather and his descendants since their arrival in Victoria, Australia in November 1910.

All members of the family have been traced and the family history of Arthur Robert Luker (1864-1952) has been documented. Arthur Robert Luker arrived with his wife Annie Maria and their five children from Cheshire UK in 1910 and settled in Warrnambool Victoria.

During the research of my family I have established extensive information about my ancestors dating back to 1690 and the origin of many unrelated Luker families.

The Luker families in Australia originate principally from Berkshire, Cheshire and Gloucester in England. The earliest arrivals in Australia were George Luker and Thomas Luker who arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1839 although they may have been preceded by Joseph Luker, a convict, who was deported from Middlesex in 1791. Joseph had an untimely end in 1803 and his story is part of early Australian folk law.

In researching the Luker name I have discovered members of the family that departed in the early 1800s and settled around the world in countries such as America, India and Chile.


Family names linked to my family in Australia, Cheshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucester and Berkshire are:

Grace, Hitchens, Bonnett, Hulme, Fuller, Morris, Lacey, Gardner, King, Glaice, Morrison, Beck, Pluck, Shepherd, Hester, Stevens, Hall, Duck, Barrett, Cole, Newman, Woodward, Lord

 Names linked to my wife (Carolyn Gail Luker nee Gleeson) are:

Gleeson, Frost, Lamour, Randall, O’Grady, Graham, Elliott, Prince, McFarlane, Scanlon, Davey, Leach, McMillan, Mutton, Locke

 Name linked to other Luker families discovered in my research are:

Hope, Lea, Harriss, Hobbs, Miner, Clarke, Gaile, Wright, McCredie

My family line is traced back to William Luker (1690-1756). His descendants are outlined in the descendant listing

 Arthur Robert Luker (1864-1952)

 Joseph Luker (1765-1803)

 George and Lucy Luker

 George and Thomas Luker

 Glenn Luker (me)

 Gloucester UK

 Middlewich Cheshire UK

 Faringdon Berkshire UK

  Family Tree Ancestors

 Glenn Luker: E-mail If you are a Luker or connected to a Luker anywhere in the world please email me as I am always pleased to include any additional information in my database about any Luker family or research.  I'll let you know if I discover any connection with my own family tree or any other families I have recorded.  Provide as much detail as possible, names dates of birth etc.
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